Zeu's Guide to Fun and Success with Custom Magic is reproduced here with permission of the author.


Purpose of this Guide

This guide gives people new to the custom Magic community the information they most need to know to have fun and success in this community. It is also intended to be a resource that you can go back to at any time to refresh your understanding of the community and what is possible in it.

This guide:

  • Introduces the varied types of project you can make.
  • Gives you an overview of making good card designs.
  • Points you to resources that will help you learn more detailed information about custom projects.
  • Introduces you to a variety of places on the internet where custom Magic is designed or played.
  • Gives you the knowledge you need to succeed in the Custom Magic Discord Server and in the custom Magic community as a whole.

Who is Zeu?

To trust that this guide will be useful to you, you have to know who I am. I have been a member of the custom Magic community since August of 2016 and have poured 2000+ hours into the refinement of my own projects and those of my fellow community members. I’m also a staff member at the Custom Magic Discord Server, and am highly active in the voice chat community there.

My projects:

Projects to which I’ve provided significant direction:

The other two guides in this series: