Color Pie

One of the most important aspects of design is ensuring that your cards are correctly placed in the “pie” of colors. The five colors of Magic each hold a unique place, mechanically and philosophically, in the game’s universe.

Color Mechanics

You can read an excellent overview of the color pie on the MTGSalvation Wiki, but I’ve surmised the basic mechanical identities of each color below. For this section, I’ve tried to use common examples from core sets whenever possible. That’s to demonstrate these effects in their most basic form, that you can then build off!

There’s also the absolutely essential Mechanical Color Pie 2017 article, which purports to lay out every mechanical aspect of the color pie. This is terribly useful for checking that the effect you’ve got is actually in that color.






Color Philosophy

Each of the articles below are by Mark Rosewater, and generally make up a series for each combination. There are no articles on four-color combinations, because the long and short of them is that they’re hard to make feel distinct.


Allied Pairs:

Enemy Pairs: